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Online Anti-Fascist and Related Pro-Tolerance Publications

We publish The Internet Anti-Fascist. You can read published articles from The Antifa Info-Bulletin, Computer underground Digest, and The Internet Anti-Fascist here. The material covers theory, tactics, and news of anti-fascist actions as well as other issues that are of interest to many anti-fascists.

The latest regular issue of our journal, The Internet Anti-Fascist is 29 January 2002 Vol. 6, Number 10 (#645). You can also read the back issues of the journal at our ftp site.

But there are, of course, several other journals available on the net devoted directly to anti-fascism or that contain material of interest to anti-hate and pro-tolerance activists.

You can also read the latest issues of the following journals:
  • "ACLU Newsfeed" 29 January 02
    • News from the American Civil Liberties Union

  • "Antifa Info-Bulletin" 27 Jan 02
    • Tom Burghardt's publication from the U.S. west coast.
  • "AntiRacismNet News " 24 Jan 02
    • The info-bulletin from
    "Euro Right" 22 Jul 01
    • independent newsletter on Europe's far right
    "Evil Austria" December 01
    • online info-bulletin about today's fascism in Austria.
    "GLAAD News Pop" 28 Jan 02
    • The regular online activation tool from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.
    "Midwest Action Report" Jan 02
    • Newsletter of the Center For New Community.
    "NetAction Notes" 19 Dec 01
    • Audry Krause's newsletter
  • "RightWingWatch Online" 4 Jan 02
    • People For the American Way tracks rightwing organizing.
  • "Skeptical Inquirer Electronic Digest" 1 May 01
    • The electronic front end of the premier journal against pseudo-science.
  • "UNITED for Intercultural Action's E-News" 24 Oct 00
    • E-zine from the European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees.

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