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Traditional Anti-Fascist Groups

Fascism victimized many groups with its crimes against humanity. One of its more horrible characteristics was its propensity to target people on the basis of race/ethnicity or genetics (like the handicapped). The other was to destroy groups who were otherwise apolitical. Many of these different formations essentially missed the virulent nature of fascist ideology in the early period. Most Jewish groups, for example, treated fascism as just another anti-Semitic ideology, little different from those it faced before. Three groups, however, understood the special nature of fascism even before it took power. They were, respectively, the labor movement, the socialists, and the communists.

AFL-CIO the main U.S. union federation
COSATU the main South African union federation
TUC the main British union federation
Israeli Anti-Fascist Front a contemporary site, largely in Hebrew
Jewish Bundist Organization - Warszawa A continuation of the German Jewish Labor Federation ("Bund")
The Second 'Socialist' International
Reflecting the politics of the Third 'Communist' International

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