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On General Theories and Descriptions of Cults

Janja Lalich, once a member of a left-cult and now a psythotherapist writing on cults, presents some her views in "Repairing the Soul After a Cult Experience."

Benjamin Wittes, writing from a more religious perspective, also has some views on left-cults and the LaRouche phenomenon in "The Scent Of A Cult."

In "Traumatic Abuse in Cults: An Exploration of an Unfamiliar Social Problem" socialworker Daniel Shaw uses the SYDA (Siddha Yoga) group to further elaborate some issues relating to cults.

Finally, Steven Hassan and Lama Surya Das present their views in "Spiritual Responsibility: Avoiding Abuses Along the Path. Hassan, once a leader of Moon's Unification Church noew works as a psychotherapist specializing in cults. Das is an ordained Tibetan lama.

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