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Fascist Tactics and Strategies Documents (mainly net-oriented)

anonymous (Alex Curtis - Nationalist Observer?)
"An Argument for the Most Heinous Acts," n.d. downloaded 12 Nov 00
"The Purpose of Atrocity," n.d. downloaded 12 Nov 00
Beame, Louis
"Leaderless Resistance," The Seditionist (#12, Feb 92)
Covington, Harold A.
"How *Not* To Do It," downloaded 5 Oct 00s
"Networking," 26 Sep 00
Curtis, Alex
"Five Words, The," n.d. downloaded 12 Nov 00
"Forgotten...Joys of Murder, The," n.d. downloaded 12 Nov 00
"Getting (Dis)Organized?" n.d. downloaded 12 Nov 00
"How to Raise Murderers of Zoggie," n.d. downloaded 12 Nov 00
"Propagandizing the Mission," n.d. downloaded 12 Nov 00
"Seduction of the Jew Media" n.d. downloaded 12 Nov 00
"Two-Tier Racist Movement," n.d. downloaded 12 Nov 00
"Why Leaderless Resistance?" n.d. downloaded 12 Nov 00
Deavin, Mark (Spearhead / British Nationalist Party)
"Politics of Persuasion," May 98
Duke, David
"The Coming White Revolution: Born on the Internet," by , n.d. (rec'd 9 Mar 98)
Fipstradamos (Nationalist Observer)
"White 'Walking Time Bomb' Madness - our last, best chance?" 15 Mar 00
Henry, Lawrence (The American Partisan)
"Death List," 18 Sep 00
Griffin, Nick (Spearhead / British National Party)
"Seeds Of Change, The" Mar 99
Kleim, Milton
"On Tactics and Strategy for Usenet," original edition 1995. One-time cyberfuehrer of the Internet Aryan Corps describes techniques for fascist interventions in news groups.
Knights Of the Ku Klux Klan
"What is Our Goal," n.d., downloaded Nov 99.
Metzger, Tom (White Aryan Resistance)
"Mini Manual on Survival, 16 Oct 00
"Worse Is Better," n.d. downloaded 12 Nov 00
Miles, Robert E.
"To Parade Or Not Parade," downloaded 15 Mar 00.
Pritchard, Hank (
"Lessons From the Butler Trial," 10 Sep 00
"Terrible Tommy" via "Doc Holliday"
"Advice For Lone Wolves," distributed Mar 00.
van Tongeren, Jack (Australian Nationalists Movement)
"Address To Cell and Other Leaders On Strategy," Final Conflict, #3, 22 Feb 97
Vos, Jeff
"CyberNaziGroup: An Idea for On-Line Organization, The," n.d. (circa mid-late 1995). Title says it all.
"Manifesto of the CyberNaziGroup: Let Your Life be a Lightning Bolt!, The" Sep 1995.
"Thirteen Suggestions for Effective USENET Policy," Aug 1995. CyberNaziGroup founder writes on how fascist on the net can most effectively intervene in the news groups.
"Propaganda of the CyberNaziGroup," 1994.
Wal, Ronald van der (
"Survival Tactics In A Free-Speechless World," 8 Sep 00
Western Imperative Network (WIN)
"WIN FAQ," no date, accessed 20 Dec 97. Plans, structure, tactics, and strategy for a new semi- clandestine "racial nationalist" organization on the net. no date, accessed 20 Dec 97.
World Church of the Creator (WOTC)
"EXPANDING CREATIVITY on the net,", no date, accessed 20 Dec 97. Church strategy document for the net.
"Some Ways We Can Spread Creativity to our W.R.C.'s," no date, accessed 20 Dec 97, Church strategy document for off-net organizing
"Standing Up For the Creator's Rights," (no author listed), accessed in .html format 16 Sep 97. Compare this document to Milton Kleim's "On Tactics and Strategy for Usenet" above.
Yarbrough, Gary Lee (Bruder Schweigen, POW [sic])
"Alert Update and Advisory," Focus 14 #612

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