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How to Fight the Right: Documents On Tactics

Anti-Defamation League
"Responding to Extremist Speech Online: 10 Frequently Asked Questions," n.d. downloaded Sep 99
Boston, Rob (Americans United for Separation of Church and State)
"Bad History: What the Right Says About the Constitution [and] Facts to Help You Set the Record Straight," accessed 15 Sep 97
Bradley, Valerie Curry
"Computers and the Law: Cyberhate and the First Amendment," Fall 1995
Cohen, Bruce
"Cyber-fascists on the march," via , accessed 15 Sep 97
Freedom Writer
"Using computers to fight the right," 1995, accessed 15 Sep 97
Freeman, Mathew
"10 things to do when the Radical Right comes to town," accessed 15 Sep 97
Gay and Lesbian Atheists and Humanists
"11 Things You Can Do to Fight the Religious Right," accessed 15 Sep 97
Goldberg, Rick
"Religion in the Technological age: Dealing with Antisemitism on the Internet," accessed 15 Sep 97
Hipschman, David (Web Review)
"Dealing With Hate On the Net," 10 Nov 97
Landsberg, Rabbi Lynne, Rabbi Daniel Swartz, and Aaron Bisno (Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism)
"Using Religious Voices To Confront the Religious Right" accessed 15 Sep 97
Lethbridge, David (Bethune Institute for Anti-Fascist Studies) -- see also Lethbridge writings in "theory" archive
"Curse of Canan: A Case Study In Hate Propaganda," 1998, via
"Defeating Organized Racism," Mar 97
"Defeating the New Fascist Movement: Forging An Effective Political Strategy," Sep 95
"Exposing Racist and Fascist Propaganda," Nov 98
"Mutations On the Right," Oct 96
"Responding to Organized Racism: A Community Guide to Anti-Racist and Anti-Fascist Strategy," Oct 96
"Techniques of Fascist Recruitment," Dec 95
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
"Responding to homophobic rhetoric," accessed 15 Sep 97
Norman, Stuart
"How To Fight the Right Wing," accesssed 15 Sep 97
Shapiro, Mark
"Who's Behind The Culture War: Contemporary Assaults on the Freedom of Expression," n.d., accessed 15 Sep 97

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